If you are looking for an upgrade over the conventional denture or “snap on” dentures we have the solution for you. Our Fixed Prosthetics, meaning the prosthetic cannot be removed unless you are in a dental office provides you the confidence that your teeth will not fall out, give you the most bite force outside of healthy natural teeth, and offers you a low maintenance option for multiple years!

These fixed prosthetics are a bridge of natural looking teeth built on a Chromium Cobalt metal bar that is held in place with 4 to 6 implants. Huntline offers different variations of this but the foundation with the placement of the implant and teeth being built on a metal bar is all the same. The process you can expect is as follows:


Initial Records – Your doctor or assistant will take a standard photo series capturing your facial expressions and scan your existing tooth position with an intra-oral camera, no more messy and uncomfortable impressions.

Surgery - On surgery day we require a driver due to the oral sedation prescribed to you for the procedure. We will begin by extracting any remaining teeth and contouring or reducing bone to make room for the final prosthetic. Once complete we will place the implants with exact precision. After the implants are placed, we will attach a custom full arch prosthetic to the implants meaning you leave with a screw retained beautiful smile. Plan to spend most of the day at the office for this visit. Don’t worry about the length of the visit though, we have comfortable chairs and can turn on the latest HLTV episode.  

One Week Follow Up – Just as it sounds, we follow up with the patient one week after their surgery.

Records for Final - We complete another smile analysis and a scan of your custom temporary prosthetic to start the design and finishing of your final.

Delivery of Final – We remove your temporary prosthetic and deliver your final prosthetic that includes the chromium cobalt bar. We will ensure that your smile is on point and your bite is in occlusion.

3 Month Follow Up – This appointment concludes treatment. We recommend hygiene checks going forward ensuring that the prosthetic is routinely cleaned and checked by Huntline staff.  


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