3 Steps: Consultation, Conversion, Completion

SmileLine Design System was created to simplify the path forward for our patients.  In just 3 steps, 4-8 weeks apart your new SmileLine will be completed.  Don't worry.  You Never Go Without fixated permanent teeth!


The Consultation process is about listening to your needs and goals, qualifying you as a candidate for the procedure with 3D Tomography, making sure it is the right decision for your dental future, and answering your questions about the SmileLine system.  Feel free to ask questions about procedure, cost options, and details.  


The big day is here! 

Conversion Day is all about getting you to a new set of temporary teeth with a completely Digital workflow in just hours. 

Dr. Maddie and Dr. Sam work in tandem throughout the day.  Dr. Sam will decide where your new teeth need to go through his Smile analysis including phonetics testing, Dr. Maddie will then start the lower implant surgery including extractions while Dr. Sam starts designing the new teeth.  Once the lower implant surgery is complete Dr. Sam places the upper implants and digitizing the implants via intra-oral scanning.  The surgical phase of conversion day is now complete around lunch time.

 The Prosthetic phase of conversion gets completed while the patient relaxes in the dental chair.  After 3D printing the new Temporary SmileLine.  The prosthetic is fixated into place.  By early to midafternoon our patients have completed conversion day and get to show off their new SmileLine to the world.  




The end is in sight! Completion happens 3-4 weeks after conversion for the patients that needed no changes to their temporary SmileLines.  The Final SmileLine is inserted, adjusted, polished, smoothed, and photos are taken.  

For the patients that still needed small adjustments to their temporary SmileLines a try in is completed 2-3 weeks post conversion day.  Once the New temporary teeth have been approved at the try-in visit, Dr. Sam will order your Final SmileLine and Deliver it in an additional 3-4 weeks.  

 Never before has the process been so streamlined.  WE are proud of our new SmileLines and feel that they transform lives.  For these reasons we do offer in house financing options to help our patients achieve their goals.  Ask To see if our limited financing options could work for you.  


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