A conventional denture is a removable dental appliance and a replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue. They are made to closely resemble your natural teeth and may even enhance your smile.

At Huntline we have found that the most accurate and predictable way to meet patients’ expectations for dentures is by the following:

Initial RecordsYour doctor or assistant will take a standard photo series capturing your facial expressions and scan your existing tooth position with an intra-oral camera, no more messy and uncomfortable impressions.

Surgery – On surgery day we require a driver due to the oral sedation prescribed to you for the procedure. During surgery we extract the remaining teeth and contour or smooth the existing ridge to help with the final denture fit. At that point, we fit an immediate/temporary denture that we designed and processed before the appointment to ensure you leave with teeth.

Adjustments – During the healing process of typically 4 months we see you for occasional denture adjustments to help relieve pressure from areas that are rubbing. In this time frame patients will learn and adjust to life with dentures, this is not an easy task and takes persistence and commitment. During the healing process your tissue will change and harden back to a stable position.

Records for Final – At this appointment we will complete another smile analysis along with a scan of your existing immediate/temporary denture.

Delivery of Final Denture – The doctor will deliver your final set of dentures to you. Your final dentures will fit much better than the immediate/temporary dentures due to the soft tissue in your mouth being in a stable condition and fully healed from the extractions.

We have found that is process of 2 record appointments, along with 2 sets of dentures being made for the patient ensure the best fit possible for the patient. From start to finish with the healing time this process typically takes 6 months. Call today to set up your consultation to find it if dentures are right for you!


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