Root Canals at Huntline Dental Group

Root canals are procedures used to treat badly decayed or infected teeth. In the center of a tooth is a chamber that contains nerves, blood vessels, and tissues. If this soft tissue becomes damaged, it can break down and become infected (also known as a tooth abscess). A tooth abscess may be painful or not, but it should always be treated.

A root canal removes all of this infected tissue then cleans and seals the tooth. A root canal is a preferred treatment for abscessed teeth and deep decay because it saves the tooth and prevents extraction. There are times however, when a root canal will relive the pain of an abscessed tooth, but the remaining piece of tooth is not strong enough to chew on. If this is your case, our doctors will talk to you about an alternative option that is stronger and similar in cost – a dental implant. Please see our page on dental implants for more details!

Do root canals hurt?

Our patients experience minimal discomfort during root canals – no more so than fillings. We buffer our anesthetic to work better and faster in infected areas. The pain of the abscessed tooth or deep infection is far worse, and the root canal provides significant relief.