Dental Crowns at Huntline Dental Group

If you have a broken or damaged tooth, you have several treatment options, one of which is a crown. We can determine by examining your broken tooth if you are a good candidate for a crown.

A dental crown, also called a tooth cap, is a permanent prosthetic that is cemented to your own tooth. With good oral health and regular exams, your crown can last a lifetime.

Leading Crown Technology: The Huntline Way

Huntline Dental Group is proud to offer tooth restorations via a leading software and milling system called Ceramill and 3Shape.

Thanks to our advanced impression techniques, Ceramill, and our in-house lab, we can accurately analyze your tooth and jaw, create a perfectly shaped crown, and apply it to your tooth. We have the software and equipment we need to create prosthetics right in our office. We don’t have to send them to a dental laboratory – meaning you don’t have to wait, and also saving you money!

Learn more about how this process can benefit you today!