Ceramill Motion 2: Leading Milling Technology for Implants at Huntline Dental Group

Ceramill Motion 2 machine for dentistryHere at Huntline Dental Group, we’ve equipped our office with the latest imaging and computer-aided design technology to support or practice’s focus on tooth restorations and dental implants. Now, we can manufacture those restorations right in our office with Ceramill Motion 2.

How Ceramill Motion 2 Works

Ceramill Motion 2 is an advanced mill that connects with our CEREC computer software to manufacture tooth restorations, from crowns to full prosthetics.

On-Site Milling and You

Many local area dentists send imaging to a separate dental laboratory to create tooth replacements, which adds time and expense. Having Ceramill Motion 2 lets us quickly and precisely manufacture tooth replacements with the precision of a professional lab for natural teeth or implants.

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