Dental Bridges at Huntline Dental Group

A dental bridge is a treatment for missing teeth that allows us to use crown technology to literally “bridge the gap.” Our dentists can determine if you are a candidate for a bridge with an examination.

What are dental bridges?

Bridges are permanent, non-removable prosthetics. Unlike dental implants, bridges utilize your existing teeth to stay in place. If one tooth is missing, there is a crown placed on the teeth on either side, with a false tooth adhered to those crowns to fill the gap. In other cases, you may have three (3) or more teeth that need to be a part of the bridge, in which case, we mill the entire bridge out of one piece of high-tech zirconia material. Depending on each situation, a dental implant can be placed in areas with missing teeth to support the bridge as well.

Leading Technology for Dental Bridges: The Huntline Approach and Ceramill Motion 2

Huntline Dental Group is proud to offer dental bridges via a leading software and milling system called Ceramill.

Thanks to Ceramill Technology, along with our ability to create accurate impressions, we have been able to perfect dental crown and dental bridge production here, in-house. Our on-site lab equipment and procedures are closely monitored during the production process to ensure quality fit, function, and aesthetics are achieved.

If you are in need or wanting a dental bridge, schedule your free consultation today!

Anterior Bridges Before & After (front 6 teeth)

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