CEREC Restoration Systems at Huntline Dental Group

CEREC Machine for dentistryOur CEREC Restoration System enables us to use computer-aided technology to design and place beautiful, natural-looking ceramic crowns and tooth replacements in one visit. We’re excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to the Jefferson City community.

How CEREC Works

With our CEREC system, images from 3D x-ray and intra-oral camera are analyzed by CEREC software to create a restoration design. That design is processed by our milling equipment to create a beautiful ceramic tooth or crown.

What CEREC Means for You

CEREC machine and finished crownBefore CEREC technology existed, tooth restorations had to be sent to a separate lab, which took longer and required a series of appointments. Now, restorations can be done in one appointment, which means we can offer them at a cost savings to you.

If you have broken, damaged, or missing teeth, schedule your consultation today to learn about tooth restorations with CEREC.